Thesis Statement — Make a Reasonable Statement Writing

Writing a thesis statement is simple if you understand the core issue. It should be clear and state the main question of your writing. Follow the required format, use a strong thesis statement, and your paper will be interesting to read! Here, we would like to share with you some recommendations on how to formulate a relevant thesis statement and guarantee the highest grade for any of your papers.

A thesis statement is made up of a few sentences at the beginning of your paper. It gives the reader an understanding of the main ideas presented in your research, essay, or any other school work. It is usually two to three sentences long, but sometimes it can be longer. Sometimes, your thesis statement can be placed even after the introductory part of the assignment. But, the task is not to neglect this important element. Thus, if you used to buy college papers, make sure to check if a professional writer has included a proper thesis statement in your assignment.

A good thesis statement must always present a core question of your topic. It unifies all the ideas presented in your paper and provides direction for developing your argument. A bad thesis statement doesn't answer basic questions and isn't related to the paper. It only succeeds in leaving more questions than answers. Therefore, your thesis statement is better to highlight at least two following aspects:

If you are thinking of writing a successful thesis statement, look through the following sections that can come in handy.

Step 1

Write down the main ideas you are interested in and would like to highlight in your essay (or any other writing). These points should be related to your topic, discussable, and relevant. Make sure to formulate your ideas precisely and coherently — the reader should know what are you talking about. Nothing kills a good thesis statement than a generalized opinion! An efficient way to think of a thesis statement is to see it as an equation. Here, you can see a simple strategy of how to come up with a simple but proper thesis statement for your paper:

What you plan to argue + Your method of argument = Thesis statement.

It is as simple as that. So, all you need is to write down your arguments and how you are going to present them in writing.

Step 2

Make sure all major questions are answered before your thesis statement. Here, we talk about the following doubts:

These are the questions your reader may ask if you haven't provided enough information on the issue in the introduction (where the thesis statement is supposed to be as well). Therefore, be attentive from the very beginning — interest the reader with the topic, highlight the problem, and make it worth discussing. The main aim of your thesis statement is not only to raise questions but to assure the reader that you will answer it perfectly.

Step 3

The rest of your paper should support your thesis statement and not the other way round. That is why it is advised to write your introduction and maybe even formulate the main statement last so that it will reflect the overall meaning of your writing. If you have a case in which your thesis statement isn't related to the ideas developed in your assignment, there are two solutions.

  1. Rewrite your thesis statement for it to reflect the purpose of your assignment
  2. Rewrite your paper for it to support the thesis statement in different perspectives.

Although a thesis statement usually consists of only one or two sentences, it's importance is impossible to overrate. Therefore, do your best to write a thesis statement that will be the heart of your writing.